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Can customer use the OSBDM/OSJTAG ports on some of the tower modules for programming their own custom designs?
Shen B. Nov 30, 2016 at 01:32 AM (01:32 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • Hi
    I received a customer question recently:

    I was wondering if the OSBDM/OSJTAG port on the tower modules of the Kinetis K series MCUs (TWR-K21D50M) can be used to program another target MCU from the Kinetis family. If yes, what is the process? Also can it be used for programming MCUs of the L series family as well?

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Robin, 

    The OSBDM/OSJTAG only supports JTAG communication. It will not work with devices that only support SWD debug communication protocol.

    The OSBDM/OSJTAG designs are made to work with and validated against on-board target devices. While you might be able to get it to work with an external Kinetis device, this functionality is not validated by P&E or NXP and is not officially supported.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Zahar,

      Thank you for response.

      Best Regards,

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