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Partition device with P&E multilink and pegdbserver
Simon H. Nov 23, 2016 at 02:16 AM (02:16 hours)
Staff: Gerardo R.

  • I am using the pegdbserver_console to program a NXP K20FX512M12 without an IDE by first launching the server:
    pegdbserver_console.exe -startserver -singlesession -device=NXP_K2x_K20FX512M12

    And then connecting to the server with GDB and executing commands to program the target:
    target remote localhost:7224
    monitor reset
    load application.elf

    I would like to partition the EEPROM (FlexNVM) at this stage as well. It looks like the algorithm (freescale_k20fx512m12_pflash_dflash_eeprom.arp) has a 'PA' command, and I'd like to know how to execute this command and supply my partition configuration.

    In KDS, under the debugger's advanced options, there is a 'program partition' section with 'enable partitioning for the device' where I can supply the value 3007 to create my partitions with the IDE. How can I supply this value with either GDB or using the pegdbserver_console?


  • You can try submitting the command "monitor partition 1 <partition_value>" to GDB. We don't officially support this kind of usage with our command line server so I can't really offer any more insight than that.

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