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usb multilink reset_delay
roberto p. Nov 14, 2016 at 02:16 PM (14:16 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • I have a reset circuit that introduces some delay, pullup 28k capacitor 4u7.
    if I remove the capacitor it works with:
    cfg file
    :DEVICE /PARAM1   
    CM /PARAM2      
    SS /PARAM3
    and batch file
    copy programmi\sw1.s19 c:\pemicro\progdsc\prog.s19
    c:\PEMicro\progdsc\cprogdsc.exe ? /PARAM1=MC56F8023 /PARAM2=C:\PEMicro\PROGDSC\Algorithms\freescale_mc56f8023_1x16x16k.dsp /PARAM3=C:\PEmicro\PROGDSC\prog.S19 reset_delay 5000 c:\PEMicro\progdsc\prog1.cfg INTERFACE=USBMULTILINK PORT=USB1 /logfile dmp

    microprocessor as you can see is freescale dsc 56F8023
    I tried several capacitors with 4u7,1uF,100nF doesn't work
    with 10nF it works.
    Question is how can I set a delay properly?
    I hope this be last issue


  • what version of CPROGDSC are you working with?

    • progdsc version
      cprogdsc version

  • With capacitor bigger than 47nF progdsc gives me error 34

    • Hi Roberto, 

      Please install the latest CPROGDSC version It fixes reset delay to delay properly.

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