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Does Multilink Universal Rev B support Nordic nRF52
. Nov 9, 2016 at 03:01 PM (15:01 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • I have two Rev B of Multilink Universal. Does this programmer support Nordic's nRF52?


  • You will need to upgrade to the Multilink Universal Rev C to program nordic processors.



  • What the? I looked at a page on PE Micro a few weeks ago and it said there was NO difference between the green universal and blue universal. So I did not order one as I have a green one. Now, after a day of getting errors, I finally find this page and it says they ARE different. Now I'm going to lose valuable time on my project. Thanks guys!

    • PROGACMP Version / Revision: 5.43
      Operating System: Windows XP

      We purchased a new USB-ML device because we only had Rev B devices and Rev C or later was apparently required to program Nordic Semi nrf51 devices.

      With the new USB-ML I am not able to get our PROGACMP to recognise the target device and now I suspect the PROGACMP software is also incapable even with the nrf5x algorithms installed/selected?

      How can I find out for sure what is needed? Did we even need the new USB-ML or
      would Rev B been OK?

      What firmware is needed in the USB-ML?

      What version of PROGACMP is needed and can we download an update?

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