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PROGCFZ Failed to install drives
MARA C. Nov 4, 2016 at 04:21 AM (04:21 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hi,

    during software installation I get this error:

    Failed to install the INF file (c:\pemicro\progcfz\drivers_12_2_0\windriver\windrvr6.inf)
    CM_get_devnode_status ret value 0, status 180200b,problem 0
    Log ok: 1,enter: driverpackageinstalla
    Log ok: 1,enter: driverpackageinstallw
    Log ok: 1,looking for model section [devicelist]...
    Log ok: 1,windrvr6.inf: checking signature with catalog 'c:\pemicro\progcfz\drivers_12_2_0\windriver\'...
    log error(3): error 800b010a, signature verification failed while checking integrity of driver package 'windrvr6.inf' (c:\pemicro\progcfz\drivers_12_2_0\windriver\windrvr6.inf)
    Log ok: 1,return: driverpackageinstallw (0x800b0100)
    Log ok: 1,return: driverpackageinstalla (0x800b0100)
    difx_install_preinstall_inf: err 800b0100, last event 3, last error 800b010a.

    we are using Windows xp sp3

    Thank you


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