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Undetected. Disconnect/Connect USB cable
Ben V. Oct 5, 2016 at 11:07 AM (11:07 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi !
    i have done a fresh installatiom of CW and the Multilink drivers on a windows 7/64 bits. When I compile a project, the PEMICRO Connetion Manager gives a message "Undetected. Disconnect/Connect USB cable. Click Refresh list." (FAQ #29). I have clicked the refresh list button, then I have reinstalled the drivers, as detailed in the FAQ #29 document, but the problem still there.
    What more can I do ?
    Thanks !


  • Greetings,

    Are you running a classic Codewarrior? If so, then you need to install my patches to support the older software to work on newer hardware and newer operating systems:

    Takao Yamada

  • Hi Takao
    thanks for your answer.
    I'm running CW6.3 and I have installed the patch "Patch for CFV1/S08/RS08/MON08 3rd Party Software" as described at the FAQ ID # 211.
    I'm using a [MC9S08GB60A:Cpu] as target.
    thanks !

  • Hi Takao,
    I have just repeated the procedure for the "CW63_patch_S08.RS08.CFV1" patch, and now seems to be all OK (by 2nd.time...). The Multilink device USB-ML-12E is recognized and the target CPU is loaded with my program.

    Anyway, Are a new CW for the 64 bits operating systems, without to do the procedure as with the CW6.3 ?
    and if so,
    Can I still using my USB-ML-12E interface with the new CW?

    thanks again,

  • Greetings,

    Are you talking about CW10.x eclipse? Those you do not need to do any patches and it will detect your multilink. Only the classic Codewarrior needs the patches.

    Takao Yamada

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