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error 203 during script
Alex V. Sep 23, 2016 at 11:55 AM (11:55 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • when storing the image to the cyclone i receive the following error:

    "error 203 during script"

    what does this mean and how can i fix it?

    Thanks for your help


    • Hi,

      Which Cyclone are you using?

      How is the Cyclone connected to the PC?

      What is the firmware version on the Cyclone (it should be displayed on the LCD screen)?

      Which application is displaying the error and what is the version number?


      • here are the answers to your questions.

        Which Cyclone are you using?
        Cyclone ACP - brand new out of the box

        How is the Cyclone connected to the PC?
        its connected via USB. cyclone to controller connections is via Jtag

        What is the firmware version on the Cyclone (it should be displayed on the LCD screen)?
        screen displays the following.
        bootloader version: 9.76
        internal app version:0.0

        no firmware version is being displayed.

        Which application is displaying the error and what is the version number?

        i'm using the cyclone image creation utility
        i'm following the steps as indicated in your manual. I'm using the launch script wizard and then click on "store image on cyclone"
        CSAPACMP utility starts and replaces old firmware with new firmware first.

        then the utility shows messages such as pre-processed lines and remarks
        it shows blank check as done
        All programming steps have been pre-processed

        saving image to cyclone...failed
        error 203 during script

        if you tell me how i could send screenshots if this explains things better.
        in the cyclone image creation utility my target is an arm processor Kintetis KM64.


        • Hi Alex,

          Can you set up a TeamViewer session so I can troubleshoot this issue remotely on your PC?


          • hello. I have absolutely same problem with cyclone universal. It has one more problem. Display is green and says that it is in bootloader mode...It is there since it attempted to update by itself when I pressed "store image to cyclone"

            • Michal,

              Do you have a Cyclone Universal or Cyclone ACP? Can you tell me what ports you have on the front side under the flip cover?


              • Hello Johnny,

                it is Cyclone_ACP rev.C

                Under flip cover there are 3 headers(port A,B and C).A and B are small and C is standard 2,54mm pitch.

                • Michael,

                  Did you accidentally install the Cyclone Universal software instead of the Cyclone ACP software?

                  Is the software folder C:\pemicro\cyclone_universal

                  This is the download link to the Cyclone ACP:


                  • Hello Johnny,

                    I installed it, it corrected firmware. I had to run Cyclone for ARM "image creation utility". It updated firmware to working state and then I had to switch to Cyclone Universal "image creation utility" to save image into Cyclone memory.

                    When I downloaded installer from your link, it asked me to remove previous version althrought it was too. After reinstalling everything works fine


          • Hi Johnny,

            We have exactly the same issue when trying to load object code into our CYCLONE ACP Rev. C.
            The only differences are that the CYCLONE screen displays:

            Cyclone for ARM devices v9.79
            IP: (Static)
            Name: Iniversal_PEM9939D7
            Images: 0(IN)
            No image selected
            IMG CRC32:$
            30-11-2016 04:01 PM

            The Cyclone Image Creation Utility Version is (as for original query).
            Our micro is an NXP MK24FN1M0VLQ12 so we have selected the K2x device K24FN1M0M12.
            Is a .elf object file compatible with this image creation / download facility?

            Here is the status window output we get on trying to download the image to the Cyclone ACP:

            Checking range of S records. Checked
            Preoparing data... Address $0000a000. Done
            CMD>VC ;Verify Checksum
            Generating Object File DRD-16 to device ranges ...
            block 00000000-00000197 ... Ok.
            block 00000400-0000BF13 ... Ok.
            Object File CRC-16 = $5DCD)

            All programming steps have been re-processed.
            Saving image to Cyclone..........Failed.
            ERROR 203 during script!

            Please advise what we are doing wrong?


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