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[CYCLONE FX] Independently Program Sector Banks on LPC18xx
Fabiano K. Sep 22, 2016 at 05:26 PM (17:26 hours)
Staff: Huajun L.

  • I'd like to erase and load firmware on bank B of a LPC1823, without affecting bank A.

    In the Cyclone Image Creation Utility v5.99.01.02, I launch the script wizard and select the algorithm (NXP_LPC1823_1x32x128k.arp) and firmware S-Record file.

    I then replace the erase if not blank (EN) with erase sector bank B (EB 00 0A; ERS SECT BANK B) command.

    The final script looks like the following:

    CM C:\PEMicro...\NXP_LPC1823_1x32x128k.arp
    SS C:\...\Firmware.S19
    PM ;Program Module
    VC ;Verify Checksum

    While attempting to save the image (Store Image to Disk), CSAPACMP Programmer for ARM devices gives the following error:

    CMD>CM C:\PEMicro...\NXP_LPC1823_1x32x128k.arp
    Initializing. Initialized.
    ;version 1.10, 11/04/2014, ... [lpc_18xx_43xx_dualBank_512]
    ;device NXP, LPC1823, 1x32x128k
    ;begin_cs device=$1A000000, length=$00080000, ram=$10000000
    CMD>SS C:\...\Firmware.S19
    Command is inactive for this .ARP file.
    ERROR 33 during script.

    Is this a bug, or do I have to modify something in the .ARP file?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Fabiano,

      Thank you for using our products and sorry for the delayed response! It is due to a conflict of this "EB" command and our normal "Erase Byte" command.

      I have sent you an email with proper algorithm attached. Please let me know if you still have any issues.

      Best Regards

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