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Dealing with an old FADS board
Rhodri J. Sep 6, 2016 at 12:52 PM (12:52 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • Hi there!

    I have an old MPC8xxFADS board that I am having problems talking to with a Multilink Universal FX. Starting up (say) PROGPPCZ it all seems to autodetect correctly, but at initialisation time complains "Error communicating to target processor - try a RESET."

    Sometimes a reset or two fixes this and I can go on to load a module, but that often fails too. The most recent attempt gave me "Error loading .PCP file : C:\[...]\AMD_29F040B_1x8x512k.PCP at address 00302120" and it goes back to not talking to the target processor again. (According to the user manual, 0x00302120 is in the DRAM on the FADS board if that matters). Programming has yet to succeed in any way, shape or form.

    Is there some configuration that I've missed? This seems to be a general problem communicating with the board, because the debugger (ICDPPCZ) shows the same "you need a reset" problems.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Dear Rhodri,

    Can you tell me some configuration settings you are using:

    What is shift speed you have set for the Multilink?
    Do you have a delay after reset before connecting value?
    How are you providing power to the board?
    Are you using the provided ribbon cable connector, or is there a custom connector you are using?


    • I have not changed any configuration, nor can I find anything on the board or in the driver software that will tell me what speeds or delays are set, sorry.

      Power is being provided by a 5V bench power supply.

      I am using the PE-supplied ribbon cable, connected to port H on the Multilink. It is at least obviously the right way round.

  • Dear Rhodri,

    If you are using P&E software to connect to this target the first connection screen you see will have the configuration information needed. Please take a look for a text field describing the BDM shift Speed, and a text field for the delay after reset.


  • Dear Rhodri,

    Are you still experiencing issues with this?


  • Sorry to go all silent on you, I got diverted onto a different project and forgot I hadn't replied.  The problem was indeed one of speed settings, thank you for all your advice.

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