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PROG08SZ for HC08 Serial Programmer
Joe D. Aug 27, 2016 at 07:00 PM (19:00 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi, 
    I have built my own serial programmer which uses the FT232RL chip but it works only intermittently when programming MC68HC908AZ60A device.

    I'm just wondering what success others have had using PROG08SZ software to program HC908 (MON08) devices using USB-Serial converters such as FTDI FT2232 or Silicon Laboratories CP2102.

    I've read elsewhere that there can be varied success with these and other chips such as the Prolific chip, due to the driver not being too happy about the 10-bit break that the MON08 uses.

    "MON08 relies on sending a 10-bit serial break at various times. We have found that some USB-serial converters do not function correctly when they see this break signal. They distort the timing, and in at least some cases they drop or mangle the following byte. This is a problem in the converter's driver."

    Can anyone recommend a USB-Serial chip that works correctly with PROG08SZ?


  • Joe,

    P&E does not perform any testing of USB-Serial adapters so we cannot provide recommendations. The distortion in the timing of the signals could be an issue. You will better off if you use a real RS-232 port either on your motherboard or through an expansion card.


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