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Which version of PROG12Z to use, to work with CodeWarrior 5.1 HC12, and U-MULTINK-FX
Michel R. Aug 16, 2016 at 07:44 AM (07:44 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have recently bought and installed CODEWARRIOR Devt Suite "Standard" Edition 5.1, on Windows7, to manage the Continuous Engineering of a Product that integrates an HC12 Target
    I have also bought a PEMICRO "USB MultiLink Universal FX" Interface (Part # USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX, Rev-B), to debug and flash program on HC12 target.
    Please, could you tell me which Version of PROG12Z Software must be used for our environment ?
    In the paste, on this product, our FW Design team used PROG12Z Version 1.66
    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Michel,

    The USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX Rev B is compatible with PROG12Z v5.13.02.00 and newer. Version 1.66 is definitely too old. PROG12Z will be able to program the S19/ABS file generated by Codewarrior to your target board.

    If you would like a quote to purchase a new license, please update your profile with your address and phone number.

    P&E Engineering Support

  • Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for your clear answer

    My profile is now up to date.

    Effectively, I would like to have a quote (in EUROS) to purchase a new license for PROG12Z Software, for 1 x User , that can be transfered from one PC to another PC (with an USB ongle ?).
    Because I have "corporate" purchase constraints, please could you tell me which supplier in FRANCE distributes PEMICRO Products / Softwares ?
    Thanks in advance.

    R&D FW Engineer

    • Hi Michel,

      We have a distributor in France.

      ColdFire, MCORE, & Power Architecture Tools - FRANCE


  • Thanks a lot, Johnny!

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