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Cyclone universal connect to PLC
Wittawas N. Aug 1, 2016 at 04:58 AM (04:58 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I am NXP distributor. My customer develop product by using Kinetis V series. So far, product is going to production and they are purchasing cyclone universal.

    They want to set up production line by using cyclone universal connect to Mitsubishi PLC (Via RS232, SPI or etc.). I cannot find document about protocol or API of this solution. Pls help to find document.


    • Wittawas,

      I am not familiar with Mitsubishi PLC systems. Can it execute Windows applications?

      If you can connect the Cyclone Universal to a USB, RS232, or Ethernet port on the fixture, can you send and receive hex data.

      P&E Engineering Support

  • Hi Johny,

    I did not mean I will load Srec or hex file to PLC directly. I meant I will load Srec or hex file from PC to Cyclone. PLC just send data to command Cyclone to flash programming (i.e. via Rs-232). I would like to know how to control Cyclone to flash programming. If PLC can command Cyclone, I will not have to purchase PC in production line.


    • Hi Wittawas,

      We have a serial protocol that allows the user to control a pre-configured Cyclone using just a RS232 port. You still need a PC to generate the SAP images that stores your programming setting.

      Can your PLC send commands which are in hex over the RS-232?

      The typical sequence is:
      1. Configure the Cyclone with programming image(s) on the PC
      2. Connect the Cyclone via RS-232 to the PLC
      3. Connect target board to Cyclone
      4. PLC sends "Launch Image #1" command using serial protocol
      5. Target is Programmed and cyclone returns an error code
      6. Remove programmed target board
      7. Repeat steps 3 to 6.


  • Hi Johny,

    I want to do the sequence as your replied.

    Pls provide serial protocol document.



  • Hi Johny,

    Thank you for support. I got it.

    I connect cyclone 1 pc to PLC.



    • Hi Wittawas,

      In order to use the RS-232 protocol, you need to purchase the Cyclone Control Enterprise License.

      Would you like a quote? If you do, I will need your address. Please email it to


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