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valere m. Aug 1, 2016 at 03:03 AM (03:03 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • Good Morning, 

    I have been using the FRDM-KL26 with OpenSDA with success on my windows 10 computer. I have switched to the FRDM-KL28 and I cannot make it works ... Is the FRDM-KL28 supported? How to upload and update the BOOTLOADER ? Currently, I see a DAPLINKBOOT instead of the BOOTLOADER.

    In the, no file for the KL28. Can I use another one?

    Thank you very much for your help.




  • Hi Valere, 

    FRDM-KL28 is programmed with an MBED based Bootloader and hence does not have access to full P&E support stack of P&E Bootloader + MSD/DEBUG/CDC application.

    For boards that are programmed with an MBED Bootloader during manufacturing, P&E provides a generic DEBUG_OpenSDA_for_MBED_Bootloader_by_Pemicro_v108.bin application.

    In order to program it into the board, please start it up in Bootloader mode, drag and drop the DEBUG_OpenSDA_for_MBED_Bootloader_by_Pemicro_v108.bin into Bootloader storage device and power cycle the board once the file has been copied.

    Best Regards,

  • Thank you very much Zahar. That whose really helpful !


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