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Program multiple CPUs with Cyclone Universal
Christophe V. Jul 27, 2016 at 09:25 AM (09:25 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello,

    For several projects, I would be interested in Cyclone Universal, particularly if I can download several CPUs with a single Cyclone. I know I would have to download them one after the other and not in parallel, but is it actually possible to have two (or even three) different CPUs with different architectures connected at the same time, or would I need to switch the connection somehow (not sure relays are very good on JTANG and such, though) ? I generally manage the power of the CPU from outside, not with the Cyclone itself.
    The reason fot that is I develop download stations for boards, and the boards generally have two or three different CPUs, and I have to download all of them. If I can do it all with a single Cyclone instead of having three programmers, it is easier (and possibly cheaper also). I guess I would need the pro or enterprise license of the DLL if I want to manage several images.

    Thank you for your advice !



    • Christophe,

      You can only have one target connected at a time on the Cyclone Universal. The debug pins and power/ground are all shared internally (even if they are different architectures) so having multiple targets will have adverse effects that cause programming and connection errors. If you had a fixture with relays that can completely disconnect a target from the Cyclone if it is not being programmed, then I think you can get by with one.

      The licenses of the DLL are designed for the number of PCs you are operating and how many Cyclones you want to manage in parallel. The Professional license is for 1 PC and up to 3 Cyclones. The Enterprise license is for 5 PCs and unlimited Cyclones.

      What are all the microcontrollers on your boards?

      P&E Engineering Support

      • Hi Johnny,

        Thank you for the quick answers.
        The microcontrollers we use depend on the boards. For example, one of the current boards has a SMT32 for power management, an IMX6 as the main CPU and an MPC5 as a secondary CPU.
        As far as I know, you do not (yet) provide IMX6 compatibility, but the two other ones should be OK with Cyclone Universal.
        But, then again, the next board would have other microcontrollers, the design office chooses, I have to adapt my download stations. Which is a good reason for aiming towards general programmers like the Cyclone Universal.

        Thanks also for the "multiple CPUs" answers, I will make sure I add relays if we go for this solution then.

        Have a nice day !


        • Christophe,

          We support some STM32 devices. IMX6 is not supported. I don't know what MPC5 is. Do you mean MPC55XX?


          • Hi Johnny,

            This was just an example of a project that is already running "the old way". But for future projects, we are trying to make a more generic download station - if the programmer is compatible with a lot of microcontrollers, then it probably is the way to go (with relays).

            Thanks for all your help anyway, this conversation has been very helpful to me !


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