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Programming external flash
Arnaud G. Jul 1, 2016 at 06:51 AM (06:51 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Hello

    I have the Freescale/NXP tower K701M system.

    On it, there are external flash:

    I downladed the file

    I would like to flash this external flash with the cyclone Universal.
    To try, first I want test to dump external memory with Progacmp.exe

    Then i choose arp file:
    It ask me the base Address?
    I enter "00000000"

    Then I make "Upload/ Upload Module"

    Then the log: "Uploading to C:\... Address $nnnn"
    after a certain time, I have the following error:
    "Uploaded.Error communicating to target processor - try a RESET"

    S19 file is bad.

    Then Many question:
    - I had choose the good script?
    - I make the good step procedure to dump?
    - I enter the good start address??
    - If now on a specific board, the flash is MT29FG08ABAEAH4-IT, which script should I take (manufacturer = micron)?



  • Hello Arnaud, 

    MT29F2G16ABAEAWP is NAND flash chip. We currently do not support for NAND flash chip.

  • Hello,
    Thank for your reply.
    Sorry for the delay but I was in vacation.

    Is currently do not support NAND flash because the Flash Algorithm (.arp) not exist but we can write it (By taken an existing algorithm and adapt the pin setup)?
    Or this is a technical limitation of Universal Cyclone, so it will never be possible to program a Nandflash anyway with this tool?

  • Hello Arnaud, 

    The Flash Algorithm (.arp) does not exist. There currently does not exist an existing algorithm that can be adapted to support NAND flash. All current external algorithms are for NOR flash chips.

    • Hello,
      Nobody to answer to my previous question? :-(

  • Hello,

    -Do you know if this feature is planned?

    -If no, Is P&E can write this algorithm to support NAND flash? (This will win lot of time in our production)
    - If no, Can we have the sufficient documentation to write it ourself? Then by exemple have the c/asm code currently included in arp file for NOR flash in S19 format?

  • Hello,
    Nobody to answer to my previous question? :-(

    • I refresh this post because not yet have response.

  • I made a mistake, the NandFlash is on 8 BIT:

  • Hello,

    It's been 9 months since I tried to get an answer to this question without success.
    We have invested in the Cyclone in order to optimize our production.

    Today we have several orders and a large volume to produce. I would like to have the answer to my question in order to prepare this production as well as possible.

    Is somebody can help me?

    We have invested in a P&E tool, but today, the support is not there!

  • We currently do not support NAND Flash programming. All of our flash 
    programming capabilities only supports NOR flash programming.

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