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Cyclone Pro Image Programming issue Error 7 or Fatal Error
Jason F. Jun 29, 2016 at 09:23 AM (09:23 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have an application that up until Monday has been working great.  Using a Cyclone Pro with firmware version 8.12 I have to program a QT1,LJ12 and JK3 micro.  I am able to break into the micro using the HC08 flash programmer, but when I put an Image on the cyclone it gives me an error and leaves the security light on.  I have rebuilt the connection hardware between the cyclone and the micro's.  I verified that all the voltages coming out are ok, IRQ is at 8, Data is around 4.5, and the power is correct.  

    I have to use Version 8.12 because with the product that contains the JK3 the newer firmwares are unable to break security.

    I am hopeing someone has an idea i have not tried yet or something to look into.


    • Hi Jason,

      Do all three boards work in PROG but gets stuck on the security light in stand alone mode? Or is it just one of the boards?

      Are you loading security bytes in PROG but forgot to in stand alone mode perhaps?

      Did you verify the voltages of every MON08 pin using the diagnostics tool that comes with PROG08SZ?

      How are you powering the target boards - externally or with the Cyclone?

      Are you using any custom adapters or longer ribbon cables?

      P&E Engineering Support

      • All of them get stuck in stand alone mode.

        I set it to try blank security or just ignore on the stand alone mode.

        I verified the voltages, they are powered through the cyclone using the power in connection.

        There is a custom adapter, as we have one cyclone to service 3 micro types and a board with 4 micro's on one board. This problem occurred before i rebuilt the custom adapter and then continued after. It had been working fine for months and then started having issues on Monday so i rebuilt the adapter thinking a wire had come loose but this issue persisted.

        • Jason,

          There is some difference in how we are entering monitor mode between PROG and stand alone mode in your setup. Let's try to figure out what that is.

          I understand you have the 8.12 firmware since you have some issues with the JK3 on newer version.

          What is the version of PROG that you are using?

          Are you seeing any differences in stand alone mode between boards that are new/virgin vs those that have been programmed before? Or is everything getting stuck during security in stand alone?


          • Using Prog08SZ version

            And there is no difference between new and programmed boards.

            For creating the images we are using csapmon08z.exe version

            • Hi Jason,

              It sounds like your Cyclone has a hardware issue. Although it is strange that you are not detecting any voltage discrepancies in the diagnostics tests.

              Would you like to send us the Cyclone Pro for analysis? I would also recommend shipping one of your JK3 boards so we can get it working with the latest firmware.


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