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Flash Erase Failed. Result = $882 Firmware update failed.
. Jun 25, 2016 at 12:21 PM (12:21 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • I bought a PE micro and installed the software on my computer.  I started the software and clicked connect, but I get an error that says "Flash Erase Failed.  Result = $882 Firmware update failed."


  • Hi,

    What interface are you using? (i.e. cyclone max, multilink universal)

    What P&E software are you using?

    Has this interface ever worked?

    • Multilink Universal

      progppcnexus software

      This is a brand new PE micro. I had another PE micro that worked, but it got damaged when I shorted out the fixture it was connected to. So I had to buy a new one.

    • I also didn't receive the installation CD with my new PE micro, just a documentation and utilities CD.  So I am using the software that was already installed on my computer that I used with my old PE micro.  Should I have gotten new installation software?

  • My suspicion is that the unit may be damaged. Did you ever get this working?

    • Yes.  I updated the firmware and it started working.

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