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How to check - Multilink Universal - Is functioning or not
Vijeendra N. Jun 22, 2016 at 10:06 AM (10:06 hours)
Staff: Mikhail A.

  • We are using Multilink Universal to program/debug Kineties series micrcontroller.

    Now we were unable to program it.

    How to check, whether Mulitlink Universal is functioning or not


  • Dear Vijeendra,

    Could you please post some more details about your setup? In particular, what software are you using with this unit, what kind of connection do you have with the target, where is power coming from?

    In general, the Multilink Universal has two LEDs on it, a blue one and a yellow one. The blue one will light up when the unit has been enumerated with your computer. The yellow one will light up when you are providing power to your target.


  • Dear Mikhail,

    Thanks for your response.

    Both LEDs are ON.

    IDE - Kinetis Design Studio 3 IDE
    Microcontroller - SKEAZN16MLC2
    Target board - Board developed by us
    Connections - Power is provided by controller board, designed by us.

    Debugger was working since from 30 days, code was developed and tested using the same debugger.

    For the next version,we did some modification and on trying to flash it, we are getting the issue.

    I am unable to attach / paste the screen shot

    Launching....file name....'has encountered a problem.
    Error in services launch sequence

  • Dear Vijeendra,

    Does that mean your multilink was working before, but has since stopped working? That could mean a defect in the device, which would require replacement.


  • Dear Vijeendra,

    Are you still experiencing problems with this?


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