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Our two emulators, USB-ML-CFE Rev.D, cannot erase and program the external flash
ren g. Jun 22, 2016 at 03:54 AM (03:54 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello everybody,

    My work is to debug the program on the MCF5484 chip using emulator USB-ML-CFE

    Rev.D ,when the program run correctly,I will erase and program the flash

    S29GL128N ,which connected by MCF5484 using FlexBus.

    I used to erase and program the flash correctly ,but now the erasing and

    programing operation fail to work.Only the funciton ,debugging program on the

    MCF5484 is available,I can access the registers of the MCF5484.

    I repeat this erasing and programing operation on several MCF5484 modules and

    get the same result,fail to work.These several modules are sured not damaged.

    Who can tell me the reason and how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Ren,

      What software are you using and what is the exact version?

      If you can debug properly and view MCU registers, then I think it is safe to say that there is no hardware problem. Therefor we will concentrate on making sure your software is setup correctly.


      • Hi Johnny,
        Thank you for your timely response. There are two softwares ,one is Code Warrior for coldfire ,version V7.2.2 patch, the other is CF Flasher ,version is 3.1
        Several days before, I could erase and program the flash S29GL128N,but now ,these operations fail to work.The program tool is CF FLASHER.

        In the first ,I doubt whether the CPU MCF5484 or the flash damaged by something.
        So I try this operation on several other CPU modules, the operations also fail to work,so the dought comes to emulator.

        I will make a description about "erasing and programming operation fail to work"
        After I configure the target and click the button erase,I can see the erasing progress reach to the end and the message "From 0xFE000000 to 0xFEFFFFFF 128 sectors erased" are brought out to the display window area, as if the erase succeed.But in fact, when I check the memory window ,the value along all the address is 00000000,it is not correct. the correct value should be FFFFFFFF.

        After I select the file redboot.s19 to program the flash,the programming progress
        reaches to end , as if the programming operation succeed,but when I verify ,there is a verifing error.

        • Hi Ren,

          Do you have a copy of P&E PROGCFZ or ICDCFZ software that we can use to further test communication between the P&E interface and the target board?

          If you don't, you can download a trial version of them from our website:

          If you can't connect and load the algorithm in PROGCFZ anymore, then there is most likely a hardware problem.

          P&E Engineering Support

    • Ren,

      Did you get a chance to try out our PROGCFZ or ICDCFZ software?


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