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CYCLONE-MAX/ARM Compatible with 'K10'
Ellery P. Jun 16, 2016 at 02:10 PM (14:10 hours)
Staff: Gerardo R.

  • My last few designs have been based on the ‘K40’, and I’ve been using a CYCLONE-MAX Development Tool with J-TAG Interface to Program and Debug the Boards (also a CYCLONE-ARM, just for Programming)
    The ‘K40’ has the following J-TAG Signals to which the CYCLONE-MAX connects:

    JTAG_TRST   10K Pull-Up   TRST
    JTAG_TDI   direct      TDI
    JTAG_TMS   direct      TMS
    JTAG_TCLK   direct      TCLK
    JTAG_TDO   direct      TDO
          10K Pull-Down   DBGRG
          10K Pull-Down   DGBAK
    RESET_b    1k Pull-Up   RESET
          + 0.1uF to Gnd

    For my next design, I plan to use the ‘K10DX128VFM5’ or ‘K10DX128VLF5’.
    The ‘K10’ chip does not have a ‘JTAG_TRST’ Pin.
    If the CYCLONE’s ‘TRST’ is left unconnected, can I expect it to handle Programming / Debugging of a ‘K10’-based Board?
    [Does the Micro's 'RESET_b' signal to the Cyclone's 'RESET' provide the necessary initialization function?]
    If the CYCLONE needs a Micro's 'JTAG_TRST' connection, how do I get around this with the 'K10' that doesn't have one?
    I'm asking so that I will know whether or not to anticipate trouble in my new design.
    Thanx -
    - Ellery


    • Ellery,

      JTAG_TRST is not a necessary connection to the Cyclone Max. This signal will reset just the JTAG state machine on the Kinetis device. We can, and do, reset the JTAG module by using the TDI and TCLK pins (there is a sequence to do this).

      In terms of the Reset signal on the header, this should be connected to the Reset pin of your processor. It serves a different usage to the TRST signal, but is necessary (it helps enter debug mode in certain scenarios.


      p.s. Let us know if this didn't answer the question properly.

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