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Issue with prgram Flash in parallel
Enrique V. May 17, 2016 at 03:47 PM (15:47 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • We had an issue with the tester, when we used both Cyclones in parallel

    to program both Units the routine "PEMicro.multiple_cyclone_programming.check_STARTED_cyclonepromax_status(this._handle)"

    and "PEMicro.multiple_cyclone_programming.get_last_error_code(this._handle)"

    return the status of the second Cyclone only, if both are Connected and programming at the same time

    then it return the status of the 2nd cyclone, only after we tested in secuential mode, we were able to read

    the correct status from each cyclone.

    when the routine "PEMicro.multiple_cyclone_programming.check_STARTED_cyclonepromax_status(this._handle)" called

    the first Cyclone uses the handle = 1 and the second cyclone handle = 2. but if the 2st cyclone failed then calling the routine

    "PEMicro.multiple_cyclone_programming.check_STARTED_cyclonepromax_status(this._handle)" handle = 1 return PASS from the 2nd

    Cyclone handle = 2


    • Hi Enrique,

      What is the version of the DLL that you are using?

      I can make some educated guesses as to what might be happening:

      1) Are you accessing the DLL with multiple threads. The DLL should be safe to use in multi-threaded applications.

      2) Are you disconnecting the handle of the Cyclone after each operation? This is not the correct procedure as it would invalidate the handle before you're finished. You should only disconnect at form close.

      3) Have you looked at our expert's guide on controlling multiple Cyclones?
      Please see section 5 on the following link


    • Hi Enrique,

      Are you still having trouble with our DLL?


    • Hi Enrique,

      Are you still having trouble with our DLL?


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