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Cyclone for ARM Rev.C: unsupported image format
Marco V. May 13, 2016 at 04:42 AM (04:42 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I've still received a new Cyclone for ARM Rev.C.
    I used a RevB. one until now, so I make the SAP images with a previous SW version (1.62).
    Now, when I try to load an image with "Cyclone for ARM image manager", it pops up a message saying that the SAP file is from a previous version.
    How can I update old SAP files?


    • I find the SAP_Convert_Console utility described on user manual.

      • Hi Marco,

        Yes, you need to use the sap_convert_console.exe application that comes with the software.


        Customers who have used our Cyclone for ARM devices Rev. A/B will find that their SAP images for older generation cyclones will not work on the newer Cyclone for ARM devices (Rev. C and higher) and Cyclone FX for ARM devices. Recreating these images for current generation Cyclones could potentially introduce errors and lose information about commands, settings, and

        Therefore, we created the “SAP_Convert_Console.exe” which must be used to convert older generation SAP images into current generation SAP images. Once converted, an image will work not only on the Cyclone for ARM devices (Rev. C and higher) and Cyclone FX for ARM devices, but it will also be backwards compatible with the Cyclone for ARM devices Rev. A/B.

        SAP_Convert_Console.exe is a Windows command line utility and the software must be run through the Windows Command Prompt. The utility can be found in the same folder as the Cyclone’s software install path.

        The command line parameter syntax:

        >SAP_Convert_Console [old_SAP_path] [new_SAP_path]


        [old_SAP_path] The relative or full path to the SAP file. Usually has the .SAP file

        [new_SAP_path] Optional parameter where the user can specify a relative or full path to
        dump the output of the conversion. If path and file name matches the input, then the output file will replace the input file. If this parameter is not specified, the output will be dumped in the same path as the input file renamed with postfix “_2”. For example if the input is myfile.SAP, then the output will be myfile_2.SAP and will not replace the original input file.


  • When I try to use the following command in the directory C:\TEMP\OLD_SAP\NEW_SAP

    C:\PEMicro\cyclone_universal\sap_convert_console.exe C:\TEMP\OLD_SAP C:\TEMP\OLD_SAP\NEW_SAP

    I get the following error message:

    Cannot find original file C:\TEMP\OLD_SAP\NEW_SAP
    Error --- Error Code 1.

    But as you can see I am in the directory that it claims it cannot find.

    I can do individual .SAP files one by one just fine though from this directory though.

    • Hi Mark,

      You can't specify directories as parameters. It has to be one individual SAP file.

      P&E Engineering Support

  • For convert all images in a directory I use a .bat

    md Converted
    FOR %%I IN (*.sap) DO "C:\PEMicro\cyclone\imageCreation\sap_convert_console.exe" "C:\Users\Alfredo\Google Drive\MisDocum\ImagenesCyclone\""%%I" "C:\Users\Alfredo\Google Drive\MisDocum\ImagenesCyclone\Converted\""%%I"

    • Thanks Alfredo. This is very helpful advice.

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