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FRDM-KV31F with Windows 10, BOOTLOADER cannot be reprogrammed
Jorge Z. Apr 13, 2016 at 05:33 PM (17:33 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • Hi,

    I have a FRDM-KV31F, and when I try to download a new version of SDA: MSD-DEBUG-FRDM-KV31F_Pemicro_v118.SDA into the drive assigned with name: BOOTLOADER, Windows 10 doesn't let me, with error: "There is not enough space on BOOTLOADER. You need additional 104 KB to copy these files".

    How do I solve this problem?



  • Hi Jorge, 

    Please start the board in Bootloader mode and see if it boots up with MBED or SDA_INF.HTM file. From the issue you are seeing, it sounds like the board is programmed with MBED Bootloader, in which case you should use P&E MBED compatible debug application: DEBUG_OpenSDA_for_MBED_Bootloader_by_Pemicro_v108.bin.

    It is available for download as a part of our OpenSDA app collection at

    Best Regards,

  • OK, I downloaded that .bin file and seems to work. Now when I connect, I see in my pc -> properties -> device manager -> ports is: OpenSDA - CDC Serial Port. Is that expected? Is that enough to be able to download new application code and debug my software?


  • Hi Jorge, 

    Our Debug application consists of composite USB device.

    The OpenSDA debug interface enumerates under Jungo driver tab as PEMicro OpenSDA Debug Driver.

    The virtual serial port enumerates as OpenSDA - CDC Serial port and should allow you to retrieve data sent from serial port of target device via a terminal application such as Tera Term.

    Best Regards,

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