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Setting UR (User Byte) for STMF405RG fails
HaJo v. Apr 7, 2016 at 10:13 AM (10:13 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hi !

    I would like to set the user byte (option byte) to change the BOR Level in STM32F405RG with Cyclone for ARM in Cyclone Image Creator with "store image to cyclone".

    Following error occurs:

    Starting address is not in module.
    ERROR 6 during script.

    Read protect with "RP" works fine, "WP" works fine, setting the user byte does not...

    Best regards,


  • Hi !

    This error also occurs on other STM32 devices from the list (I did not find one working). Seems to be a problem with the algorithm or memory area in the config files.
    Same with Cyclone for STMicro (uses the same files...)
    These files are rather "old or unchanged since..." and I do not think that I am the only one or the first one trying or using the USER BYTE option. The wizard always gets stuck at this command line.

    With STM8 I got the same message trying to write data (S19 file for EEPROM area) into the EEPROM. In this case I had to load the EEPROM algorithm first.

    Do I miss something?

    Best regards,

  • Hi HaJo,

    It does seem like we have an issue with the UR command in the STM32F4xx family of devices. We are taking the steps to solve this and should have an updated algorithm with the working command very soon.


  • Hi,

    any update available on this issue?

    I do not "like" the workaround writing the user byte inside the code at the first run. Presently I have to do this and it is no problem as the very first startup is always in a perfect environment with stable conditions during production programming (testing).
    But I am not able to change that from the outside with cyclone (yet).

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    The algorithms are updated. You can follow the link at the bottom and download the latest version of the algorithms, use the "US" command to program the User Byte:


    • Hi !

      It works now! Thank you. (tested with STMicro, not yet tested with ARM)

      But I have another question or issue...

      Setting USER BYTE to 0xE0 sets the user byte flags like it should.
      But the read out protection level will also be set by this command! Why?

      Even without using the user byte command there might be something wrong with RP:
      Setting RP to 0xAA should set ROP level 0 (acc. to STM32F4 refrence Manual), does not work -> Level 1 is set.
      Setting RP to 0xCC should set ROP level 2, does not work -> Level 1 set.
      Setting RP to 0x55 sets level 1, that is O.K.

      This can be checked with ST Link Utility->Target->Option Bytes. I need to use level 1, so this is no problem for me.

      I clear the ROP (set to level 0) with this utility to clear the F405RG memory.

      Best regards,

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