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Order Of Images In Cyclone
Geoff F. Mar 20, 2016 at 07:23 PM (19:23 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • We're programming boards on our Production line using the automation DLL.  There seems to be no problem with this.

    At startup, I'm loading the images into the Cyclones in the order:
    1: Calibration image
    2: Release firmware image
    3: Re-load Algorithm image (just contains a CM command - thanks Johnny)

    The handles returned by the DLL reflect this order.

    Interestingly, when I use the DLL to query the Cyclones for the names of the images relating to the handles, I seem to be getting the Load Algorithm image coming back as handle 1. Yet, the programming is working correctly for upwards of 200 modules a day now.

    It's possible that I've mis-named the images. That's why I've requested that the decoder utility include the name of the image:

    Has anybody else seen similar behaviour?


  • Geoff,

    I have no reports of issues with the get_image_description function.

    Are you saying that when you call get_image_description(cyclone,image3), you are getting back the name of image1?


    • Hi Johnny,

      Exactly. At least, I'm reasonably sure it's the name of image1. For debugging, I've implemented a loop that logs the images. It cycles through each image in turn, extracts the Image ID returned from the calls to add_image_to_cyclone and calls get_image_description with that image ID. What I'm seeing is as follows:

      2016-03-24 15:03:43.9,   Initialisation Complete
      2016-03-24 15:03:44.2,   Image 1: "Load algorithm"
      2016-03-24 15:03:44.3,   Image 2: "11/12/2015 14:25:34"
      2016-03-24 15:03:44.3,   Image 3: "2/11/2016 10:41:00 AM"

      This does correlate with what I'm seeing on the Cyclone Pro modules themselves.

      The interesting thing is that the initialisation file that loads the images is as follows:
      [Image Files]
      Number of Images = 3
      File Name 1 = "/C/<redacted>/03_Software/<redacted>/Releases/Image_Calibration.SAP"
      File Name 2 = "/C/<redacted>/03_Software/<redacted>/Releases/Image_Version1.7.8.3521.SAP"
      File Name 3 = "/C/<redacted>/03_Software/<redacted>/Releases/Image_LoadAlgorithm.SAP"

      The LabVIEW program that loads all this definitely cyles through in order.

      This tends to make me think that it's quite likely that I've mis-named the files. I'd LOVE to be able to view and/or edit these names in the SAP files.



      • I should add that the logging program uses the following call (translated into C):
        printf("Image %d: \"%s\"\n",ImageID,get_image_description(CycloneHandle,ImageID));

        I've stepped through the LabVIEW code and confirmed that the Image IDs are returned in order as well. That is, loading file 1 returns an Image ID of 1, etc.

  • I have just taken a copy of the SAP files from the production machine and run a check with the Image Manager.  Sure enough, I've mis-named the files.  When I load them I see something similar to the following:

    IN1: Load algorithm (CRC32=$05FAF730) (from file C:\...\Image_Calibration.SAP)
    IN2: 11/12/2015 14:25:34 (CRC32=$FC42D9FD) (from file C:\...\Image_Version1.7.8.3521.SAP)
    IN3: 2/11/2016 10:41:00 AM (CRC32=$C41803D2) (from file C:\...\Image_LoadAlgorithm.SAP)

    Mystery solved. I'll pay more attention to the name when I re-build the images next time.

    • Thanks for the update.

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