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Cyclone can program stand-alone, but can not from IAR Workbench.
s. Mar 1, 2016 at 04:36 PM (16:36 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • Hi, I have a Cyclone that can program our target (KL17 32K QFN32) processor in stand-alone mode every time.  But when I try to program the same project into the same processor from my PC using IAR Workbench it never works!  

    In both cases the target is providing power. I have scope'ed the Reset, Clock and Data lines from the Cyclone to the processor. Both ways I see transitions from ground to about 3 volts. So no stuck lines. But when in stand-alone mode there is about 2 seconds of transitions on the clock and data lines while the reset is low. In contrast, when attempting the same using IAR Workbench, there is only a brief period of time the reset from the Cyclone goes low and there are only a couple of cycles of the clock and data lines. If I had to guess, I'd say two 8 bit bytes are exchanged. Then the reset line from the Cyclone goes high and the IAR Workbench application says "it can not talk to the processor"! What's going on?


  • Some more information to help solve the above stated problem:

    This is the PEMicro script to program the KL17 32K QFN32 Freescale processor:

    CM C\Program Files (x86)IAR Systemps\Embedded Workbench 7.3\arm\bin\pemicro\P&E\supportFil...
    SS C:\Users\xxxxxxx\work\svn\xxxx_xx\trunk\iar\debug\xxxx_xx.out
    EN ;Erase if not Blank
    PM ;Program Module
    VC ;Verify Checksum

    This appears to be what IAR Workbench is using:

    <block>32 0x400</block>
    <args_doc>--enable_config_write - allow programming of 0x40C - 0x40F with user supplied
    data, in other case flashloader after erase of block 1 will write 0xFFFF_3DFE
    (unsecure state).</args_doc>

    I hope that helps. As the former method always works and the latter always fails. Both using the same PEMicro Cyclone pod.


  • I now have both Freescale and IAR looking into this problem.  I am looking for problem pins on the Freescale KL17 32K QFN32.  I am looking that the NMI pin.  Freescale says that the NMI pin is re-enabled when the KL17 is subjected to a "MASS ERASE".  

    So, I am asking you:

    "What type of erase is being executed on the line 'EN ;Erase if not Blank' in your PEMicro Cyclone script above?".


  • You "PEMICRO Connection Manager" is launched by IAR's Workbench.  In that application there is a check-box labeled: "Use SWD reduced pin protocol for communications".

    1. What does that check-box above do?

    2. Is the "SWD" setting saved in a file? Is it possible that another independent run PEMicro application like the "Cyclone for ARM defice - Image Creation Utility" use that saved-setting?


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