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cannot connect to new Kinetis K10 design
Keith L. Feb 16, 2016 at 03:05 PM (15:05 hours)
Staff: Gerardo R.

  • Hello - I'm using CodeWarrior 10.6 and a PE Multilink Universal (rev. a) to connect to a K10DX256VLK7.  I've successfully developed six or more projects using this same hardware combination with no problems, however, on this latest project, I'm not able to connect to the target.  The only difference I've been able to discern is the older projects were using the 2N36B mask set, and the new one has 3N36B mask set.  The blue and yellow lights on the Multilink are on, as usual, and I can see activity on TDI, TMS, TCLK, but not TDO.  On an older design (with the 2N36B mask), using the same Multilink, I can see activity on TDO as well, and the debugger does connect to that system.  Are you aware of any issues with the new mask set of this part?  (I can't find any JTAG issues listed in the 3N36B errata sheet that aren't also in the 2N36B errata sheet).  I've rung out all of the JTAG connections to the processor pins, and the same problem is happening on all four prototypes that I've built.  Do you have any ideas to help me troubleshoot this situation?  Thanks!

    Keith L.


    • Correction - I *can* see activity on TDO as well as the other signals when I hit "retry" on the P&E Connection Assistant dialog box.  I've tried several different clock speeds - the lowest, .03 MHz makes it easiest to see activity on all 4 lines and /RESET.  I don't think the TRST pin is enabled on the Kintetis parts by default, so, I assume the Multilink uses /RESET instead...

  • Strangely, the error that's reported by CodeWarrior is:

    ARM GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't connect. The Debugger can not connect to the P&E device

    Which is the same thing it says if it's not connected to a target, or the target power is off. What I think it means in this case is that it can't connect to the target...

  • I found the problem!  I'd never used pin 30 of the device in any other design.  Pin 30 is configured to be /NMI by default, and apparently, the part will not enter debug mode if /NMI is asserted.  In this design, I'm going to use that pin as one of the PWM outputs, and I have an (external) pull down on this pin that is asserting /NMI.  Once I removed the pull down, the part will enter debug mode.  I can't find any prohibition against pulling down /NMI or that doing so might prevent the part from entering debug mode, so, I regard this as a bug in the Kinetis part...

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