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Read and programm Secured MPC555 on ems scania
Denis C. Jan 27, 2016 at 03:22 AM (03:22 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • if i buy USB Multilink Universal FX and Power Architecture 5xx/8xx Flash/EEPROM Programmer Software? a can Read and programm Secured MPC555 on ems scania?


    • Denis,

      I'm not familiar with the ems scania device. However our flash programming tools do support the MPC555 microcontroller. You can erase the flash, read it, and/or then program a S19 file. You'll need the USB Multilink Universal FX and PROGPPCZ software.

      I'm not completely sure but I believe security on this microcontroller is controlled by some censorship bits in the special Shadow registers. You can erase them but you have to be very careful because these are special registers that often contain other important settings and you may accidentally damage your board by modifying them. Before you do anything, you need to understand what the consequences will be.

      The programming header that we use is 10 pin. You should view the technical summary and make sure that the pinout of the header (Port H) is the same as your board.


      • hi. and i can read this secured mpc555 or only write and erase? thx

        • Denis,

          The censorship mechanism on the mpc555 can prevent access to the internal flash through background debug mode under certain conditions. There are different levels of censorship which you can see in the mpc555 user manual.

          So to answer your question it depends on your board.

          P&E Engineering Support

  • I did changed sensorship on 2006 Ford EECV ECU and could not read or modify memory anymore after that.But ECU worked just fine.
    I would say that PEmicro programmer is NOT suitable to overcome sensorship on MPC555. Try using KESS for it(if it support hose ECM's).

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