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Won't erase. Timeout.
dan p. Jan 22, 2016 at 02:12 PM (14:12 hours)
Staff: Gerardo R.

  • I'm attempting to program my board with some code using CW 10.6.4 and a Multilink FX, and the device won't erase.  What's the best way to root cause this?

    I get this:

    fl::target -lc "LC for Simple Flash"
    fl::target -b 0x1ffff000 0x4000
    fl::target -v off -l off
    cmdwin::fl::device -d "FTMRE_PFlash128RAM16" -o "32kx32x1" -a 0x0 0x1ffff
    cmdwin::fl::erase all
    Beginning Operation ...
    Performing target initialization ...
    Device FTMRE_PFlash128RAM16
    Erasing .............
    Error: Erase Command Failed. Operation timeout.
    Device FTMRE_PFlash128RAM16
    An invalid preference was passed to the GDI protocol plugin(ARM GDI Protocol Adapter)
    Error: Erase Command Failed.Operation timeout.


  • Has this setup worked for you before?

    Is there any possibility that the part's mass erase functionality has been disabled?

  • Greetings,

    Is this still an issue? Has this problem been resolved?

    Takao Yamada

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