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MC68332 CPU, AM29F800BB firmware memory,with BDM port on Board,
jay z. Jan 18, 2016 at 12:46 AM (00:46 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • The firmware was crashed when I upgrade it to new version with manufacture's
    .bin file and software.I want to buy your production to fix it, please advice me what kind of your tools can do it?


    • Hi Jay,

      There are special considerations for programming external flash. We have to know how the three flash control signals are connected (/CE, /OE, /WE) to develop an algorithm for the flash. We have standard algorithms but your board might have special circuitry. If our standard algorithms don't work which is often the case, you have to figure out how those pins are connected or provide us with a schematic; otherwise we cannot help you.

      The file formats that we support are Motorola Srecord, ELF, or Intel HEX file which are all common industry standards. I don't know what a .bin file is as there are many types of binary files.

      You will need a combination of the following two products to program the 683XX:



      • Hi, Johnny
        Thanks a lot for your replay.
        I can't provide the schematics, but I can provide the BDM signals spec.Can it help?
        I try to ask the manufacture what kind of formats of the "firmware.BIN" files that is attached with their application software.If it detected the exist firmware which is lower than the current, the system automatic update it.
        If they can't tell me,can I try every one of the format using your tools?

        I known the manufacture technician using your tools to debuge it. but I don't known the detail. Following is the BDM signals spec:

        BDM pin 1:BDM_PE4/DS# pin 2:BDM_BERR#
        pin 3:BDM_GND pin 4:BDM_BKPT#/DSCLK
        pin 5:BDM_GND pin 6:BDM_FREEZE/QUOT
        pin 7:RESET# pin 8:BDM_IFETCH#/DSI
        pin 9:VCC pin10:BDM_IPIPE#/DSO

        This BDM port is already exists on the PCB board, I only want to use it to save my device.

        • Hi Jay,

          When I say flash control signals, I am talking about the pins on the flash memory chip itself and how it is connected to the 68332 CPU. This has nothing to do with the BDM signals.

          If the manufacturer already uses our tools to program this board, then we have an algorithm for it. This is good because it makes things easier. Try to find out frm them which algorithm they use. If there was no existing algorithm, we will need time to develop one and we might need you to send us a board.

          I recommend you get a Motorola Srecord from the manufacturer since we most likely will not be able to support your bin file.


          • Hi,Johnny,
            I have asked the manufacture they told me they need about two day to answer my question. But I think they don't like to tell that. you known the reason.
            I can send a board and the file.bin file to you. please give me a quotation for all
            of that(include USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX,PROG32Z)and address.

            thanks again for your help

            • Hi Jay,

              You are going to have to do your own investigation first. We are not going to do the work for you. If you do get our programming tools, you will have to test our existing algorithms to see if any of them work on your board. If they don't, you will need to tell us how the flash is connected to the CPU. If you can't give us that information. we will not be able to help you at all even if you can send us your board.


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