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Cyclone Automated Control Package
Arne v. Dec 29, 2015 at 04:09 AM (04:09 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Dear all,
    i'm really new to PeMicro products and i have a little question about the "Cyclone Automated Control Package" in use with "Cyclone for ARM® devices".
    I need the possibility to read out different memory sections of the internal flash memory of my target device. In the documentation of the SDK (s. 29 chapter 4.4.4) there is a function dynamic_read_bytes. With the following description:

    "Reads a specified number of bytes from a specified memory address of
    the target processor. This call is only valid after performing a START_execute_all_commands” function."

    Can i read only bytes from target memory after flashing my new firmware? No oppertunity to read target memory before flash programming?



    • Hi Arne,

      You can read target memory before programming flash. The reason you have to perform a START_execute_all_commands first is to load the correct algorithm into memory. You can just have a Stand alone image in the Cyclone for ARM that loads the algorithm only and does no other flash operation.


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