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CYCLONEPRO MON08 to HC908KX Target w/ CW6.3 in WinXP Mode under Win7
Ellery P. Dec 7, 2015 at 09:56 AM (09:56 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Old project has been resurrected for Firmware Upgrade. Trying to use CYCLONE-PRO directly connected to 3.3v HC908KX2 Target having MON08 Interface w/ RESET pulled-up to Vdd. Target has its own on-board Power Supply for 3.3vDC, 5vDC from external 9vAC Transformer
    CodeWarrior v6.3 doesn't work on Win7 platform, so installed WinXP Mode and installed CW and P&E SW and Project in the WinXP environment. Help on the CW Debugger says it's V6.1 Build 10105. I tried checking for SW Updates (PKG08SZ and P&E HW Interface Driver v12 (WinXP/Vista/7/8/10) from P&E, but IE says that 'IE cannot display the web page'.
    I'm using PWR-IN / PWR-OUT connections to allow CYCLONE-PRO to control Power Cycling of the Target (increasing Tpd / Tpu delays to 750mSec).
    On clicking Debug icon in CW, presented w/ True-Time Simulator and pop-up:
    P&E Connection Manager
    Under Connect to Target Tab:
    Cyclone Pro at IP (user specified)
    Device Power: 3Volts Provided by P&E Interface [will this switch P-IN/P-OUT?]
    Device Clock: Target Self-Clocked. P&E Clock Disabled.
    Clock Divider: 4 [Target's on-board Osc is 9.8034MHz
    On clicking 'Contact Target with These Settings' button, Command panel shows:
    Loading Target...
    Windows NT Detected
    Opening Ethernet Device Opened
    [this suggests communication w/ CYCLONE-PRO]
    Device is HC908KX2
    Mode is In-Circuit Debugging
    IO regs loaded for MC68HC908KX2 from C:\\Program Files\...\HC908KX2.REG
    No Link to Target
    At the top of the Connect to Target window:
    Interface Details:
    P&E MON08 Interface not detected. Check your Power, Connection & Settings.
    Using a DVM and O-Scope to measure, determined that the CYCLONE-PRO is NOT switching the PWR-IN to the PWR-OUT jack; a requirement to enter Debug Mode. The Power-Control Jumper is installed in Header position 5. I don't hear any Relay Clicking from the CYCLONE-PRO.
    [P.S.: I also have CW v10.6 under Win-7 and several CYCLONE-MAX devices; none of which supports HC908 and MON08.]
    Can you suggest what I might do to get this working?
    Thanx -
    - Ellery


  • Greetings,

    Thank you for the great detail you have already given us. I wish more customers would do that.

    Concerning getting CW6.3 working outside of XP32, you will find lots of forum posts on Freescale's website on how to get this working on a Win7 64-bit machine, including downloading a patch from our website. It is pretty easy and hopefully enables you to work natively on your host OS. There has been many cases where the WinXP mode just does not work well in corner cases, so it may be wise to look into enabling Win7 support. The patch I speak of is found here:

    Header position 5 is correct, however for the power to actually activate the software needs to enable this. When you open HiWave and you are shown the connection manager, where you select the cyclone pro ethernet, you should also see the options for power. Do you have device power as 5V user switched or 5V provided by P&E interface? You should select the "provided by P&E interface".

    Takao Yamada

  • Thank you, Takao Yamada, for your swift response.
    Following the instructions, I am able to make significant progress.
    FYI: What I learned is this -
    I did have my CW 6.3 correctly installed under the WinXP Mode running on Win7. The problem is that the CYCLONE-PRO doesn't function, properly, using the Ethernet Interface, in this Mode (though Ethernet and Serial are the only 'native' choices offered under CW6.3).
    Successful operation requires installing and activating the CYCLONE-PRO as a USB Device (each time you enter the CW / HiWire Debugger)and then selecting that device in the Connection window.
    Now, I can hear the Power-Cycling Relays clicking in the CYCLONE-PRO and measure voltage and signal cycling during its attempt to enter the HC908KX's Monitor Mode.

    Still unsuccessful in completing the entry to Monitor Mode, I enabled the Start-Up Debugging feature in the Connection panel and observed the MON08 signals RESET, IRQ, Vcc, PTA0, PTA1, PTB0 and PTB1.
    Signals appeared to be changing correctly, except when I reached Step-3, where I saw that the RESET signal (which has a Pull-Up Resistor) did not change from '0' to '1'. I disconnected the Target Board from the CYCLONE-PRO and powered it up 'Stand-Alone', where I saw that the RESET Signal went to '1'.
    I checked the Ribbon Cable to make sure there were no 'shorts' or 'opens' between the Cyclone-PRO and the Target Board's MON08 Header. No problem there.
    I tried the CYCLONE-PRO, in 'Stand-Alone Programmer Mode' to try and program other previously-functional Target Board products, and was unable to down-load Firmware.
    My conclusion is that something has failed in my CYCLONE-PRO that is inhibiting control of the RESET Signal on Pin-4 of its MON08 Connector.
    I opened the CYCLONE-PRO to see if there were any blown circuits that I could detect visually. No luck.
    I will be sending my CYCLONE-PRO back to P&E for repair, with a note indicating that I believe the failure is concerned with the RESET Output Pin on the MON08 Connector.
    Please issue an RMA to my Account and send an E-Mail with instructions on how / where to send the defective CYCLONE-PRO, ASAP.
    Thank you -
    Ellery Potash, Sr.Engineer

  • Greetings,

    I will create an RMA ticket for you. But before you ship out the unit, please take a look at the RESET circuitry and schematic to see if anything is holding the signal down. External watchdogs, system bus chips, current-limiting resistors, and many other things can cause it to not function.

    If you were to power up your board externally and then just simply connect the ribbon cable to the board, does the reset signal immediately go to zero? If so, then yes that is a cyclone hardware problem. If you are seeing the RESET stay high, and only goes low during the monitor mode diagnostics, then something else is wrong and not allowing that signal high. The cyclone does not pull the signal high, but instead it can pull low and release the signal.

    Takao Yamada

  • Yes, Takao Yamada. I have performed the experiment that you suggest, both with the CYCLONE-PRO Powered and Un-Powered; same result. 
    Powering-up the Target 'Stand-Alone' shows the RESET signal rise to Logic-'1' (having a 47K Pull-Up Resistor to Vcc. Connecting the MON08 Ribbon Cable to the CYCLONE-PRO, in either power state, causes the RESET to go to Logic-'0'.

    On my Target Board (a design in production for several years, programmed using an ICS08KX Board as Interface) there is a connection on the MON08 Header from Pin-4 (RST*) to Pin-1, and it then connects to the MC89HC908KX2' Pin-9 (RST* / OSC2). This is compatible with the ICS08KX Interface Board, where Pins-1 & 3 are RST_OUT and RST_IN, respectively.

    The Rev. 1.12 CYCLONE-PRO Manual says that its MON08 Connector Pin-1 is NC. However..Double-Checking the CYCLONE-PRO MON08 Documentation (in the Debug 'Connection Window), I find that the 'Recommended Connection' for MON08 Pin-1 is to GND!

    I cut-off the MON08 Header Pin-1 on my Target Board, so that there is no connection to the CYCLONE-PRO's Pin-1, through the Ribbon Cable.
    Success! Entry into Monitor Mode appears to have been successfully negotiated.
    Now, I'm on to updating the Firmware and testing the revisions.
    No RMA is necessary, at this time.

    Thanks, so much, for your guidance.
    - Ellery

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