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Error Code EEEE from gang-operations
Earl G. Nov 18, 2015 at 10:05 AM (10:05 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have just set up four Cyclone PRO units, via USB, to a Win7-64 PC, to program some Freescale S08 (within fxth870000 device).  Using any of the three 'demo programs' of 'Cyclone PRO control package Enterprise' I find that all but the 'last' unit ends with this error code (61166 decimal), while the last nets the expected 'zero'.  All the unit's LEDs indicate 'success' in this programming.  What can I do to get a clean 'success' (zero) indication on the control console for ALL units?

    I will also report that while each unit upgraded itself from 8.40 to 8.64, none had success upgrading the FPGA from 1.1 to 1.6, and are presumably still using 1.1 for each of these stations.


    • And by 'last' I mean the 'last to report in', which is usually the 'bottom' unit of the list, but if something 'delays' one (or more!) it will be the LAST unit that reports an actual return code which shows on the console, and all others the 0xEEEE return.

    • Earl,

      I would like all your Cyclone Pros to have the latest code on the FPGA. What did you use originally to update the firmware? You should not have any issues using Image Creation, Image Manager, or any of the PROG software. What I recommend is trying Image Manager first. Since you have already updated to 8.64, you will need to rename the firmware file C:\pemicro\cyclone_pro\cycloneproen2.864 to cycloneproen2.899 which will force the firmware update again.

      Does the demo program work with just 1 Cyclone Pro?

      P&E Engineering Support

  • Thank you for your reply!

    Yes, the demo programs 'work' with any ONE unit selected, as that ONE unit will return a 'result' code, and as ONLY it is LAST and displays perfectly on the PC. The 'basic' Cyclone PRO standalone software tools also work fine, of course, one-up.

    I was using a different, XP-based PC to let each unit upgrade itself and install the image I need, using the Cyclone Pro Image Manager. On that same computer, I did the 'rename', and as noted the 'upgrade' process started anew, where the unit reprograms the firmware and resets, then indicates 'updating FPGA' which runs for 15s or so then fails-out, every time. On-screen version still reads 'v8.64-1.1'.

    • Now trying the FPGA update on the Win7-64 production-line PC over Ethernet, with the same results -- FPGA still at version 1.1.  Is the FPGA version going to be germane to the problem of failing to report proper 'result codes' on the control-PC screen for all but the last-responder in these demo gang-control-applications?

      • Hi Earl,

        The FPGA version is probably not causing the problem of the DLL reporting the wrong error code but it is still important to have it updated. If you have a different version with the 8.64 firmware, this may indeed cause some unpredictable problems.

        Regarding the error code issue, the error code EEEE typically occurs if the DLL times out before it receives a response from the Cyclone. I will send you a different version of the DLL that I would like you to test. I wonder if some recent changes we made to the length of the timeout is causing some issues here.

        I can't think of a reason right now why your Image Manager is unable to fully update the Cyclone. Can you try to updating again using one of the PROGHCS08 application?

        P&E Engineering Support

        • Same FPGA result using PROG08SZ -- FPGA process runs 15s, then reports 'fail'.

          I look forward to the DLL -- I noticed this 'timeout change' in the version-info list, and wondered if I could find an 'older' software set to try...

          • I already posted a different version of the DLL to your account. It should be version 5.33 If you go to the home page and then refresh your browser, you should see a download link near the top of the page. 


            • There are four such links there now, but ALL report '500 - Internal server error' when clicked.

              • Sorry I think the website's security was blocking the file. I zipped it up and posted it again.

                • So that worked, I now have a file dated 4/10/2015.

                  BUT I still need to know how to make the compiled applications USE this new .dll, as they certainly don't seem to access the OLD one in “C:\pemicro\cyclone_control_package_enterprise”.

                  • The compiled applications will look in two locations for the DLL:

                    1) C:\Windows\syswow64 (for 64 bit Windows) and C:\windows\system32 (for 32 bit Windows)
                    2) The application folder.

                    Please search your Windows directory for the cyclone_control.dll and then rename it to cyclone_control.dll.552. Then take the version I just sent you and copy it the folder. The compiled applications should report that the version is 5.33

                  • OK, manually found the copy in 'Windows\SysWOW64' (Windows 'search' wasn't any help at all!) and replaced that, and NOW I do indeed get the 'zero' return from all successful units!

          • That you cannot update your FPGA is still a concern to me. Please check the version of the Image Manager are you using to do the update.

            • It would be nice for this process to complete -- although I see no OBVIOUS problems programming the S08 chips I am working with.

              The Cyclone Image Management Utility is Version 3.16, as shipped with the units.

              • The PROGHCS08 attempt used version

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