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Cyclone for ARM: Error $0007 With LPC1754 Board
Lonnie W. Oct 28, 2015 at 06:10 PM (18:10 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • I am getting an error  $0007 when I attempt programming my LPC1754 target boards and with two different ARM programmers.    I do not get this message when I program my LPC1114 target boards.

    All attempts to get past this error have been fruitless. I have reviewed the forums and FAQs and not been able to find anyone else with this issue reported.

    Background; I have the same physical electrical interface to both targets; I am using a 5 pin serial debug connector: Pins 1=GND, 2=3.3V, 3=SWDIO, 4=SWCLK, 5=RESET.

    NOTE1: I am not using target debugging feature of the ARM3 device, so have not wired the associated pins TDI, TMS, TCK, TDO on my LPC1754 target board. (This is one difference between it and the LPC1114 target board wiring. I WONDER?-> IS THIS GOING TO BE REQUIRED??)

    I have 3 Jumpers installed for Cyclone Internal power > Target Power Pin.

    NOTE2: It appears the power on the board is being provide by the cyclone, I see my on board LED illuminate when it engages.

    I am using the following algorithm to program;
    SS C:\Users\lonni219\Documents\PROJECT\Debug\Arrow_A6.SAP
    RE ;Reset
    EM ;Erase Module
    BM ;Blank Check Module
    PM ;Program Module
    VM ;Verify Module
    RE ;Reset
    GO ;Run

    Mode: ARM CORTEX 20 PIN Comm Rate: 10.0Mhz
    Device: LPC1754

    Use Cyclone Relays checked
    Power off target when complete checked,
    Target voltage: 3.0,
    Power Down Delay: both 100 & 500 tried
    Power Up Delay: both 100 & 500 tried
    After Reset, checked-> delay: both 100 & 500 tried
    Drive RESET signal LOW before and after SAP operations checked

    NOTE3: When I push the 'start' button on the Cyclone-ARM programmer, it begins programming- power comes on -but- pretty much immediately, it will fault with the $0007 error (unable to enter debug mode).


    Thanks for you help in advance!!!



  • Resolved by updating arp file

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