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BDM USB-ML-12E Undetected
Joe M. Sep 15, 2015 at 10:04 AM (10:04 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to program a device using the Prog12Z PE firmware update on a win 8, 64 bit computer. However it fails to see the P&E USB Multilink device saying "Undetected. Disconnect/Connect USB cable. Click Refresh List".

    I have downloaded PEDrivers_install_11 and multilink universal installer. The blue light is on and in device manager I can see under Jungo Connectivity - USB Multilink 2.0 and WinDriver. These both point to driver version

    I also downloaded unsecure_12 and this does detect the device as "USB1:USB-ML-12Rev C(PE5516209)".

    This works fine on 32 bit windows 7 machines with driver version 10.



  • Joe,

    What is the version of the PROG12Z software? My inclination is that you are using an older version of the software that does not support 64 bit.



    • Kevin,

      Thanks for your reply. I was originally using PROG12Z Programmer - Version 1.67 that didn't recognise the P&E. I then tried using Universal Multilink Firmware Update and Architecture Selection Utility - Version 5.48 which also does not recognise the device.


  • The Firmware update utility only works with the Multilink Universal and the Multilink universal fx. The ml12 will not show up in this utility.

  • For me Universal Multilink doesnot show up in firmware Update utility as well.

  • Does it show up in device manager under Jungo?

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