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Cable 16/32 Obsolescence
Rodney T. Sep 14, 2015 at 08:44 AM (08:44 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello. I've noticed that Cable 16/32 and Cable 16/32LV are now listed as discontinued and out of stock.  We have bought many of the Cable 16/32 units over the years for production use. Although they are actually quite robust, sometimes they fail because of users installing the programming cable backwards or during board repair from bad components. Do you offer a repair service for these? Are there other options available for purchase of these (refurbished or otherwise)? Thanks for your help.


    • Hi Rodney,

      Thank you for your interest in the Cable 16/32 and Cable 16/32 LV. They are both obsoleted at this point and there will be no more units produced. The replacement is the USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX interface. All the same targets will be compatible with the new USB interface.

      We do not offer a repair service for the Cable 16/32. In the majority of cases of failure, the internal logic chip should be replaced. You will need a PLCC extractor to remove the chip from the internal socket.
      The part numbers for the two replacement components are:

      Cable 16/32:

      Cable 16/32LV:

      I also checked if we still have any units in stock and you area in luck. I was able to locate 5 units of Cable 16/32 and 1 of Cable 16/32 LV. If you need more than this, I can search more thoroughly around our office for refurbished units.

      P&E Engineering Support

  • Hi Johnny,

    Thank you very much for the information and for looking.

    I have permission to create a purchase requisition for the 5 units of Cable 16/32 you mentioned. I will forward a printout of this forum post to my company's purchasing rep. If there is there anything special that needs to be mentioned by the rep when ordering, please let me know.

    We will try the PLCC repair method you mentioned.

    We have a Universal FX and are replacing our USB-ML-16/32 debuggers with them as needed. Unfortunately, the testing platform that was using the USB-ML-16/32 is not the same platform using the Cable 16/32. We will likely have to do test code updates for the debugger upgrade. The parallel port units you found will give us some time to do that and will be appreciated.

    Thanks and best regards,

    • Rodney,

      The price of the Cable 16/32 was $199. The Purchasing Rep can just mention to the Sales Rep that Johnny in Engineering Support has the units.

      P&E Engineering Support

  • Are the USB drivers still available for the USB-ML-CFE Rev D?

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