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Cyclone PRO - pushbutton part number
Bruce B. Sep 11, 2015 at 01:39 PM (13:39 hours)
Staff: Nick d.

  • I have a Cyclone-PRO (rev C) that I use for daily product programming. I noticed that the START switch is acting erratic, it takes several pushes before it actually does anything. Must be the pushbutton.

    Can I get the part number for the pushbutton? I would purchase a whole new programmer, but there is a programming file in there that I do not have a copy, and I have not found a way to pull out files from a programmer, only load them. So I need this hardware to work, and to throw out a programmer because of a switch is kinda wasteful.

    Thanks - Bruce


    • Hi Bruce

      This is the part number for the push button we use on our Cyclone products.

      Panasonic: EVQ-PAC09K

      If theres anything else I can do to help let me know!

  • Thanks for the response, but I checked the unit and it has a surface-mount switch. This part number is thru-hole. I am trying to find something like this in SMD but not coming up with a match...

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