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Debugging problem
Mayur B. Sep 9, 2015 at 02:11 AM (02:11 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • dear sir 

    i am using PEMICRO MON08 Multilink debugger and try to debug our board which have freescale MC908LJ24CFUE controller.And made connections as follws still enable go in debugging mode.i am using debugger PKG08SZ but it shows check connection.please help us.

    Mayur Bansal
    pemicro pin MC908LJ24CFUE micropins at board

    pin no function pin no function

    1 NC NC
    2 GND 48,51 GND
    3 NC NC
    4 RESET 32 RESET
    5 NC NC
    6 IRQ 31 IRQ
    7 NC NC
    8 NC NC
    9 NC NC
    10 PTA0 37 PTA0/KBI0
    11 NC NC
    12 PTA1 38 PTA1/KBI1
    13 OSC out NC/external
    14 PTA2 39 PTA2/KBI2
    15 Vout NC/external
    16 PTC1 27 PTC1/FP20


    • Mayur,

      Can you provide a board schematic and a picture showing your setup? Since it is not advisable to post schematics here on a public forum, you can open up a support ticket under the Support Tab. Proprietary information can be safely posted there.


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