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Cyclone Pro Error code 203
JOHN F. Sep 8, 2015 at 03:22 PM (15:22 hours)
Staff: Huajun L.

  • Cyclone Image Creation Utility is giving me error code 203 when storing image to cyclone.  It says to refer to documentation for more information but error 203 is not in the manual.


  • Hi John,

    First of all, thank you for using our Cyclone products!

    Error code 203 for Image Creation Utility means that the software is having problem programming the image data into Cyclone internal flash. It seems that the Cyclone internal flash is corrupted or damaged. This is a rare error to see.

    Would you please try the following method and see if it can be fixed?

    Please use our Manage Images utility, once connected to the Cyclone, please click the button "Remove All Images Stored in Internal Memory". Hopefully it will clean everything and get the flash ready.

    If you still have issues after this operation, please contact our technical support, we may have to repair/replace it via RMA.


  • Hello 
    I have same problem with code 203 and also high CPU usage on Win7 32bit.
    I'm add parameter PORT=COM1 to command line and image has stored but CPU usage is always high, resulting in a long time burning about 5-7 min.
    This problem with CPU is for all sw not only "csap____.exe" i tested version 8.52 and 8.63 but problem persists.


  • For me, reinstalling from scratch fixed my problem.  I suspect the driver installation was corrupted because of my antivirus. I turned it off before I reinstalled.

  • I currently have been having this problem (ERROR 203 during scrip!) for months now.  I have reinstalled my Cyclone software, removed it using Windows tools and reinstalled it.  Still after months I still get (ERROR 203 during script!).

    I have 2 identical computers. The only reason I can keep developing is that the older machine can still program this same Cyclone. So I find it unlikely, as suggested earlier in this thread, that the Cyclone HW is to blame.

    Both computers are the same laptop and both are running Win 7.

    The computer which can successfully program the Cyclone is using "Cyclone Image Creation Utility Version".

    The computer which, after months of trying, after installing the Cyclone software twice, is using "Cyclone Image Creation Utility Version".

    The script and all settings that are show on both version of the "Cyclone Image Creation Utility" have been configured identically.

    Thank you for any help.

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