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Cyclone for ARM and CPROGACMP?
Jon G. Aug 14, 2015 at 10:10 AM (10:10 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • The documentation (PE_Serial_SPI_Memory_Programming_for_ARM_devices.pdf) discusses automated programming using the CPROGACMP command-line tool in section 10.1, as does PROGACMP_User_Manual.pdf in section 7.

    However, the installation package that comes with the device (which appears to be the same as the latest in the Downloads section), which installs PROGACMP 5.48.00, does not appear to contain CPROGACMP: the only executables shipped are:

    csapacmpz.exe (which without arguments briefly launches a window, then crashes)
    progacmp_cyclone.exe (the full Windows tool)

    There's no obvious way of downloading CPROGACMP on its own from the Support/Downloads section for CYCLONE for ARM.

    I have downloaded the CPROGACMP User Guide, but this does not mention how or where to obtain the program, other than a general referral to PE Micro.

    I also downloaded the Cyclone Automated Control Package: Basic Edition on the off-chance it might be there, but no joy.

    Please advise! Thanks.


  • Jon G.

    You have to buy a separate license to use the CPROGACMP commandline programming software. This can be purchased from the product page for PROGACMP:

    The software that comes with the Cyclone for ARM allows for programming via the GUI and stand alone programming only.

    P&E Engineering Support

    • Thanks, Johnny. In the end, we didn't need CPROGACMP, as we're going to be working stand-alone. See the next help request!

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