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WinDriver conflict between Multilink and Atmel JTAG devices
Phil M. Aug 10, 2015 at 08:59 AM (08:59 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • I have the requirement to run both Kinetis Design Studio using the P&E Multilink JTAG and the IAR Atmel AVR32 workbench which uses the Atmel ICE3 debugger. Both of these applications want to install their own Jungo Windriver.  They both install a windrv6.sys file in the Windows\System32\Drivers folder.   I switch back and forth between these tools frequently.  However the two drivers do not coexist.  One will overwrite the other and make the other application not work with the debugger.    Is there one common Windriver that will work for both.




  • Phil,

    I'll ask our driver engineer next week if he has a fix for this issue and if not what the time frame would be for a fix. He is out of the office this week.


    • Hello Phil,
      we have the same problem with atmel and PEmicro.
      Do you have a new version for your driver ?
      What is the standing of this problem.
      Thanks for some info.
      Best regards

      • Hi Carsten,

        This issue should be resolved once we update to our Drivers Version 12 which is expected to be released in the next week or so. We will make an announcement on the home page.


  • If you are experiencing this conflict, please contact P&E tech support and they will walk you through the process to allow both P&E and Xlinx drivers to coexist peacefully

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