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$A007: Failed during internal verification
Egidio S. Aug 4, 2015 at 03:05 PM (15:05 hours)
Staff: Huajun L.

  • I Have a Cyclone Pro with firmware 8.63-1.6.

    I'm trying load images created some years ago (2006 to be exact) and they do not commit and return "$A007: Failed during internal verification "

    I don't have the source code anymore. How can i proceed?

    The main difference on these files is they are 129 kB sized, and the actual images are ten times smaller, in mean.




    • Well... Fortunately i had a backup of the .s19 file that allowed me generate a new Cyclone Pro image.

      Although this solved my specific problem, Pemicro should provide a way to convert old images, to avoid these headaches.

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