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Cyclone Pro cannot find USB Ports.
HAE-YOUNG J. Jul 8, 2015 at 10:55 PM (22:55 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Cyclone Pro cannot find USB Port.

    I use Cyclone Pro V3.51 and tried to connect Cyclone Pro with USB Port on my computer. But Cyclone Pro can't find USB Port and I cannot download images from my computer to cyclone pro.

    My computer O/S is window 7 Enterprise K and it's possibe to get other USB ports properly.

    What should I do for this problem? Is there any drivers for this?


  • I have additional things to ask you about "Load Programming Algorithm file" of Cyclone Pro.

    I use "Cyclone Image Creation Utility(V3.11)" in order to download from PC to Freescale's cpu and its type is "MCF51JM32VLH".

    Unfortunately, there is no proper Programming algorithm file to set "MCF51JM32VLH" cpu when a debug file is downloaded to it. so I had to set "Freescale_51JM128_1x32x32k.cfp" as Programming algorithm file.
    I'm wondering if the wrong algorithm file can make any problems to perform suitable functions in our products.

    If so, is it necessary to get "Freescale_51JM32_1x32x8k.cfp" for "MCF51JM32VLH"?
    Fortunately, I own another upper version of Cyclone Image Creation Utility(V3.51)at another computer, and It seems that I can get "Freescale_51JM32_1x32x8k.cfp" from it.

    If I apply it to Cyclone Image Creation Utility(V3.11), is it compatible each other?
    Please let me know.

    • Hae,

      Please download and install the latest Cyclone Pro software. It contains the algorithm for the MCF51JM32.

      This may also resolve your USB issues. If it is caused by bad drivers, then this software will re-install them.


    • Hi,

      Did the new software resolve your issues?


      • Dear Johnny

        Thank you for your reply.
        I installed the latest version(V3.61) from the website.
        I got "Freescale_51JM32_1x32x8k.cfp" there, but my computer still cannot find USB Port.

        How can I do?

        - Hae-young Jung

        • Hae-young Jung

          1. Please open up System - Device Manager
          2. Plug your Cyclone Pro into USB port.
          3. Do you see Jungo -> WinDriver and Jungo -> Cyclone/Tracelink in Device Manager?

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