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How to upload the Emulated_EEPROM (EEE) data of Freescale MC9S12XET256 by Prog12Z?
Snaku L. Jun 30, 2015 at 09:57 PM (21:57 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hi, 

    I am trying to upload the EEE data of the MC9S12XET256 with Prog12Z tool, but I can't get correct data which wrote by my firmware.

    My firmware has partition the 32KB D-Flash to 4kB EEE, and I choose the algorithm file 'Freescale_9S12XET256_1x16xmax2k_max4K_EEPROM_linear_1k_page.12P' to upload the data by 'UM' (upload module) command, but I can't understand what the data is.

    I saw the page '' is talking about EEE accessing method, does the 'UM' or 'UR' commands support to read EEE data (not D-Flash native data)?

    note: My CyclonePro firmware version is 8.63, and CyclonePro_Prog12z.exe version is

    Thank you,


  • I think the problem is the MCU doesn't 'Full Partition', after I use Cyclone Pro to full partition the D-Flash to 4KB EEEļ¼Œthen I can read correct data by Prog12Z with Freescale_9S12XET256_1x16xmax2k_max4K_EEPROM_linear_1k_page.12P algorithm.

    But now I am confused with 'Full Partition' and 'Partition D-Flash', what different between these two actions? If my firmware only use 'Partition D-Flash' command on a none 'Full Partition' MCU, and the MCU is a new one (unused before), what happen on the EEE?

  • Greetings,

    Full partition is a P&E algorithm command in both the EEPROM and DFLASH algorithms. They both do the same thing: Partition the DFLASH to set aside for EEPROM. If you want to dump the EEPROM data, you need to load the EEPROM algorithm and use upload module. If you want to read the DFLASH, then load the dflash algorithm. Also note, that our tools uses physical format and not logical format addresses.

    I believe a new MCU will just have full DFLASH with no EEPROM. You must use the full partition command to have the EEPROM data.

    Processor Expert is not our utility/tool, so you need to contact Freescale about the "Partition D-flash" command you speak of. But you know that P&E's full partition command works.

    Takao Yamada

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