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Unlisted Error Code on Cyclone for ARM
Steven C. Jun 23, 2015 at 08:52 AM (08:52 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I attempted to program a new board with the Cyclone for ARM after successfully downloading the same code on a development board.  The microprocessor is a Freescale SKEAZN64MLH2, clocked with an external oscillator at 3.6864 MHz.

    When I did so, the programmer waited a few seconds and then returned an error code of $00000084.

    I looked up the code in the Cyclone for ARM User manual and couldn't find the code. The nearest to it is $0083 - SAP operation cancelled.

    Is this some sort of timeout because the programmer couldn't clock or send data through the SWD port?


    • Steve,

      Error $0084 is related to the algorithm. What firmware version are you currently running on the Cyclone for ARM?


  • That matches what I saw when I ran on PROGACMP.  That is version 5.17.00.

    The firmware appears to be 1.04 (06/02/2014) according to the results from the status window.

    • Hi Steven,

      Sorry. I meant the firmware version for the Cyclone for ARM that is on the first line of the LCD.


  • I have it now.

    Cyclone ARM v1.58-0.7

  • O.K., I just did and we found out that the Cyclone cannot communicate with the target microcontroller.  That indicates a hardware issue which we are starting to track down.

    At least we got a certainty that there is a hardware issue instead of a cryptic code, so that's progress.

  • We can load the code on the TRK-KEA64 board, but not on our board.  The one difference between the two is that the TRK-KEA board uses a PKEAZN64MLH processor.

    The board we are attempting to program uses the SKEAZN64AMLH.

    We are using the KEAZN64M2 Pflash EEPROM algorithm (freescale_keazn64m2_pflash_eeprom.arp) on both. Is this the correct setting for the latter processor, and if not what is?

    • Hi Steven,

      During this debug process, my recommendation is to use PROGACMP first. The software can usually highlight the problem more easily than using the Cyclone in stand-alone. Once you get everything working in PROG, the migration over to stand-alone should be very straightforward.

      The "freescale_keazn64m2_pflash_eeprom.arp" algorithm looks correct. Are there any major differences in the debug connector between your board and the TRK-KEA64? If you submit an Support Request with your schematics (even if they are partial schematics), we could review and let you know if we see anything out of the ordinary.

      Also, your clock frequency is a bit low (4 MHz). I forget if the KEA devices boot out of internal clock by default, but you may want to reduce the Debug Shift Frequency setting to one of the lower values to see if it offers any improvement.

  • We have been using PROGACMP, and the scope traces from the Cyclone look correct.  

    We finally swapped one board with another, and attempted to program the device on that. That one programmed successfully, so that confirms what you just said; namely, that the algorithm and micro selection settings are correct.

    Bottom line is that we have it now, know what $0084 means, and know that code developed on the TRK works on the Automotive rated part.

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