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Firmware Version 8.52 slow
Pablo R. May 26, 2015 at 02:50 PM (14:50 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Firmware Version 8.52 Slower


    A four months ago, our cyclones were working with Firmware 8.44, but
    automatically the cyclones started to update the firmware to version 8.52,
    from that moment the cycle time to program the Microchip increased considerably. I updated them to last version 8.63 but the time was the same, it didn't improve.
    I watched the programming process and I found a difference between the version 8.44 and the others(8.52 and 8.63) in the verifying is double time.

    the chip is S912XET256 and the commands are

    CM X:\Freescale_9S12XET256_1x16x128k_256k_Linear_Pflash_PLL.12P
    SS X:\Flash.s19
    EN ;Erase if not Blank
    BM ;Blank Check Module
    PM ;Program Module
    VM ;Verify Module
    VC ;Verify Checksum


    • Pablo,

      I have a couple of suggestions:

      1) Please upgrade the Cyclone back to 8.63 and try the latest firmware and software and recreate the SAP image. You can find a link on the Cyclone Pro product page under 'Downloads'

      2) You have a VM and VC in your programming script which isn't necessary. You can decrease the total cycle time by removing the VM.

      CM X:\Freescale_9S12XET256_1x16x128k_256k_Linear_Pflash_PLL.12P
      SS X:\Flash.s19
      EN ;Erase if not Blank
      BM ;Blank Check Module
      PM ;Program Module
      VC ;Verify Checksum

      3) The increased programming time might be caused by updating the LCD display (the address blocks are displayed during programming). This feature can be turned off.

      - Press Menu/Select
      - Select Configure Cyclone
      - Select Set Dynamic Display
      - Select "Hide Progress Details"


      • in my job every three months, I do a new SAp IMage this new image has a  process releasing special and this implicates long time because I should secure the Image works properly, A team reviews that the memory map isn't affected . currently, I has around 45 images for every cyclone.
        I don't think viable to remove VM for all images,
        I want to know If there is a tool to roll back version 8.44

        • Hi Pablo,

          We don't have a specific tool for rolling back firmware on the Cyclone. Did you try turning off dynamic display update per suggestion (3)?


          • about that, the version 8.44 and 8.52 both display the address blocks
            but the version 8.63 doesnt' display them.

  • Greetings,

    Is this issue resolved?

    Takao Yamada

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