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openSDA bootloader on FRDM-KL43Z
Craig C. May 15, 2015 at 11:56 AM (11:56 hours)
Staff: Zahar R.

  • I have a KL43Z freedom board that seems to be bricked.
    When I get the info, it says it has bootloader V111, however new boards have V112, and I don't see that V112 is available from PEmicro.
    When ever I plug it in, it goes into bootloader mode even without pressing the button. When I try to load the bootloader or the SDA app onto it, the light stops flashing and the transfer times out saying that the device went away.

    Any ideas?


  • Greetings,

    I am sorry that no one has answered to your forum thread. Do you still have issues with the OpenSDA?

    Takao Yamada

  • Hi Craig, 

    What operating system are you working under?

    Please copy and paste the contents of SDA_INFO.HTM file into this forum thread.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Takao and Zahar

    I'm using Win7. The SDA info is:

    Board Name is: FRDM-KL43Z48M
    MicroBoot Kernel Version is: 1.06
    Bootloader Version is: 1.11
    Application Version is: 0.00
    DUID is: 85C33938-A5ED81E4-3765D811-B86BE678
    EUID is: 8D61A239-078F876A-1866FA16-927468D6
    TUID is: 74823938-473281D6-373D1805-C2BCE678
    TOA is: 86B6E505-EC408A93-BF228036-61DDCA59
    TOA2 is: 86B6E505-7E5E05BD-FE626FFC-24B90B6D
    SUID is: 86B6E505-8A489F1C-37239804-8003EC65

    The problem seems to be that I "updated" the bootloader version from the original 1.12 that was/is on the KL43 boards when you get them, to the 1.11 version that has been around for a few years and is still in the distribution files. As far as I can tell, this board must have the 1.12 bootloader, otherwise it can not update anything (the MSD drive goes away and stops responding when you copy things to it).

    I have not seen a version 1.12 bootloader anywhere, and I don't know how to load it on this board since the one that's there can't do it. If I had an appropriate utility, I could probably use a multilink to read out the code from a good board and directly re-program the SDA micro on the bricked board, but I can't figure out a way to do this with the tools that I have.


  • Hi Craig, 

    We actually do not have an update utility to update Bootloader to 1.12 version. The version 1.12 includes an additional startup delay for a specialty application, which should not have any effect on FRDM-KL43Z48M board.

    The issue here is that the board you are working with has had its MSD/DEBUG application erased during Bootloader update process.

    To address this, please start up the board in Bootloader mode and drag and drop MSD-DEBUG-FRDM-KL43Z48M_Pemicro_v117.SDA firmware into Bootloader MSD (mass storage device). The next time you power cycle your board, it should enumerate and FRDM-KL43Z48M mass storage device and shall show up as OpenSDA USB interface under your hardware device manager.

    You can download our full OpenSDA application collection from our website:

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Zahar

      Thanks for the reply.

      When I do as you suggest, the copying window shows "Discovering items" for about a minute, and then it says BOOTLOADER is no longer located in computer with this computer. Also, the LED stops flashing when I drag the application onto the virtual drive, sometimes it's on, sometimes it's off.

      Thank you for the information on what's different in the 1.12 bootloader, if this has nothing to do with my issue, that's great, but I have no idea how to make it work.

      Best regards,

  • Hi Craig, 

    That is a bit strange. Do you happen to have any anti-virus software running on your PC? If that is the case, I recommend trying to turn it off and see if it allows an update to go through. Sometimes the anti-virus software interferes with Bootloader update functionality.

    Do you have access to a different PC where you can try to drop an OpenSDA application into the Bootloader, to see if the issue is PC specific?

    If this does not work, we will be happy to reflash this board for you if you can ship it to our office in Boston.

    Best Regards,

  • Thanks Zahar

    Things work fine on another board that I'm using (another KL43), so I know it's not some odd virus protection affect.

    I'm afraid this board is just bricked. It's cheaper to throw it away than to ship it to you. I don't know what caused this, but I'll just throw it away and move on.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Craig, 

    Glad that you got things up and running with another KL43 board and sorry that we could not be of more help. I will close this thread for the time being, but please do not hesitate to reopen it or start a new thread if any other questions/issues come up.


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