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Image Creation Utility fails to create image from .elf file
James P. May 5, 2015 at 08:07 PM (20:07 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I am attempting to create and download an image to my Cyclone for ARM devices. When I attempt to store my image to either the cyclone or to a file I get an Error 18.

    I used the script wizard to setup my script.

    I have created my executable using Freescale's Kinetis Design Studio.

    The output file from KDS is a .elf file. My processor is a MK24FN1M0VLQ12.

    Within the script wizard I have attempted to use both the freescale_k24fn1m0m12_1x32x256k_pflash.asp and freescale_k24fn1m0m12ws_1x32x256k_pflash.asp

    Neither work.

    It appears that Image Creation Utility is have issues with the .elf file.
    I was able to get an image to load when I used an .srec file but I would rather not use this because I also need a .bin file output from KDS and KDS will only build one or the other. (that's .bin or .src)

    Is there a way to use a .elf file as an input into Image Creation Utility?


  • Hi Johnny,

    Yes, I have been getting an error 18 when attempting to creeate an image. This is the first time that I have attempted to use the Image Creation Utility with Cyclone for ARM to create an image from Freescale's Kinetis Design Studio (KDS). So no, creating an image using a .elf file produced by KDS has never worked.

    I have had no trouble using these .elf files with our PE Micro Multilink Universal FX.

  • The problem was that the Image Creation Utility only understands dwarf-2 format when processing a .elf file. KDS does not use Dwarf2 debug format by default. The user must change the debug format in the project properties under C/C++ Build, Settings -> Debug format to dwarf-2 for the main project and any library projects. Once this is done cleaning and rebuilding everything should produce a .elf file that can be used to create an image using the Image Creation Utility.

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