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how to deal with the "ERROR $5003: Verification operation failed or canceled" Cyclone for ARM Devices gives?
MA Q. Apr 23, 2015 at 07:06 AM (07:06 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Here i meet a problem that the Cyclone for ARM Devices can't program the freescale's MCU, ke02z64m2. The source file i used to configure the Cyclone is the .s19 file CodeWarrior 10.6 generates(actually the file CW generates is a hex-format file  but with s-record contents, so i rename the file to a s19-format file.). With  the Cyclone ,i run the "Execute SAP Function"->"Verify Data in Target",and the error the Cyclone gives is "$000050003".

    p.s the Cyclone's LCD information is as follows:
    Cyclone ARM v1.43-0.6
    Error $00005003

    what can i do to deal with this problem?


  • Greetings,

    Were you able to program the S19 onto the flash of the chip? Within your SAP image, do you have a command to verify checksum or verify module? Are you running "Verify data in target" within the menu option of the cyclone?

    Takao Yamada

    • Yes, Takao Yamada.I run the menu option of Cyclone to "verify data in target".Actually i have not program my MCU with s-record file. But I can program the MCU by Multilink Universal with .elf file, and the codes work well.Within my SAP image, the command I use are: CM(freescale_Ke02z64m2_pflash_eeprom.asp),SS,Erase Mode, Program Mode,Verify Mode and Program Trim successively.

    • sorry , i had a clerical mistake a moment ago. The CM configuration file I use is freescale_ke02z64m4_pflash_eeprom.asp, not the freescale_ke02z64m2_pflash_eeprom.asp. That's to say, the CM configuration file is matching to my MCU.

  • Greetings,

    I was not able to replicate this problem. I get a success.

    Use the start button on your cyclone for ARM to program the target and then use the verify data in target command.

    What kind of commands are you running in your image? Are you just programming one s19 file? Are you programming trim? Are you doing anything unique like using PB (progarm bytes) or PW (Program word) commands? Are you programming dynamic data?

    Takao Yaamda

    • Hi, sorry for not reply to your response on time. The commands i used to create the Syclone Image are as follows:
      CM: choose algorithm
      SS: specify object code (.s19 file generated by CodeWarrior)
      EM: erase module
      PM: program module
      VM: verify modlue
      PT: program trim
      If i only choose the CM & EM commands and then use the START button on the Cyclone,the SUCCESS LED illumines. If i choose the CM,EM & BM(blank check module) and then also use the START button, the ERROR LED illumines with the error 1003 which means "Blank check operation failed".

      If i choose the CM,SS,EM & PM commands and then run the "MENU/Execute SPA Function/Verify data in target"command on the Cyclone, the SUCCESS LED illumine. But when i use the START button after the verification, i get the error 3003 which means "Program operation failed or canceled".

      here i also has a puzzle, whether the Cyclone supports my MCU, freescale's KE02Z64M2?
      Looking forward to some rely.

    • here comes the good news that i have run the Cyclone successfully after i updated the Cyclone version to v1.59. Takao Yamada,thanks for your help anyhow.

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