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freescale mc56f84789
eugene l. Jan 6, 2015 at 06:20 PM (18:20 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • So I'm trying to program this chip with an ELF file, which I need to write to the program flash and also the data flash. Is there a way to use the image creation utility so it programs by address? The image creation utility doesn't seem to take ELF files.


    • Hello Eugene,

      We have discovered that the current version of the Cyclone Max software does not fully support Little Endian ELF files. In order to use ELF, they must be in Big Endian format. If your compiler does not have the option for Big Endian, we have a temporary workaround using our PROGDSC flash programming software.

      1. Download and install PROGDSC.

      2. Run PROGDSC and connect to the DSC device in question.

      3. Select the ELF file and program the device.

      4. Use the Upload Module command to save the memory of the device as a .S19 file to your PC.

      5. Load the .S19 file in the Cyclone Image Creation Utility.

      Our development will address this issue in a future update of the Cyclone MAX software.


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